Teach Your Intuition to Send You a Telegram - NOT a Post Card!

You sense the power of your intuition but you live in the real world. You want a brilliant career, a house by the shore, a thousand customers, and a sense of purpose.

You want to use intuition -- but you don't want crystal balls, mediums, wizards and woo-woo. You want to make money and enjoy life in the here and now.

You want a magic carpet but you'll settle for letting your intuition drive you you to a Lexus.

Have we got a book for you!

Your Intuitive Move will help you :

  • see your intuition as a power tool -- not a crystal ball
  • tell the difference between intuition and wishful thinking
  • move from crisis to clarity
  • summon guidance on the spot
  • resist well-meaning advice from "experts"

Here's what one reader said:

"I just finished reading Your Intuitive Move, in one sitting, and all I can say is, Wow! "
"Your Intuitive Move is the only book I've read that de-mystifies intuition and makes it a useful tool that's accessible to everyone.
"No gobbledy-gook, no mystical new-age rhetoric -- just simple, straight-forward, common sense writing that shows me how to take advantage of my own intuitive skills.
"You can be sure that I'll be recommending this book to all of my clients and associates.
- Jim Allen, Business Coach http://www.CoachJim.com/

You may not realize intuition is the single most powerful ingredient of career and business success. But your intuition knows!

Successful people share one quality: they listen to their intuition. (Martha Beck (columnist for Oprah magazine and best-selling author of Finding Your Own North Star)

Intuition can keep us from becoming crime victims. (Gavin de Becker, best-selling author of The Gift of Fear)

We can find our best financial advisor by looking in the mirror (Suze Orman, television personality and author)

These authors agree: Successful people rely on intuition.
But they don't tell us how to get messages from our intuition.

And that's why I wrote Your Intuitive Move.
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Here's what another reader said:

"Our natural sense of intuition is real whether we want to accept it or not. Cathy shows you exactly how to tap into that powerful part of you. She has a way of bringing very esoteric concepts down to a level even the most practical person can grasp. I highly recommend Your Intuitive Move for any major decisions you have to wrestle with.
-- Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Owner, Red Hot Copy

Most of us wait for our intuition to talk to us.
But you need a way to summon intuition -- fast! -- when you need it. Otherwise you won't get those once-in-a-lifetime invitations to greater wealth and success.

Learn the language of intuition and create your own dictionary (p. 13)
Do your intuition push-ups: Six exercises to build up intuitive muscle (p. 34)
How information can prime your intuitive pump (p. 11)

Your intuition can keep you safe from danger.
Did you ever have a funny feeling of "Don't even go there!" And sure enough, your intuition knew something was waiting for you.

Lessons from my inner mechanic (p. 3)
Use interview intuition to steer clear of the wrong job (p. 30)
Hang on to your power when faced with self-proclaimed authority figures (p. 25).

Most of us do not know how to listen to our intuition. Have you ever gone on a job interview and developed a raging headache? Your intuition was trying to get through -- but not necessarily to warn you away.
Your Intuitive Move will help you interpret this signal.

Learn to turn your roadblocks into direction signals (p. 23)
Let your inner radar beacon guide you to our own true home (p. 31)
Make an appointment with your inner career counselor (p. 26)
How using intuition will change your whole life (p. 38)

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Intuition speaks in code -- and I'll show you how to crack your own code.

Does a sleepless night mean you've made a bad decision? Does fear mean you need to start over?
Does a sinking feeling mean you're headed for disaster?

Not necessarily!
Each of these signals may mean "go ahead."

The bad news: Intuition can shut down when you most need it.

Yes, when you're moving to a new home, changing jobs, dealing with a crisis: you want answers. Instead, you get more questions!

Summoning your intuition is like knocking on a door. If you pound too hard, you'll scare whoever's inside. If you wait outside, you'll have a long cold night on the stoop. Learn how to knock respectfully on the door to gain admittance.

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When you read Your Intuitive Move, you will gain a sense of your intuitive style almost immediately.
Your power will grow as you practice these techniques over weeks, months and years.

Definitely not "woo-woo." Intuition has gone mainstream! Articles appear in mainstream psychology research journals. Scientists believe intuition can be traced to a specific portion of the human brain.

Answer tough questions.

* What's my next step to grow my business?
* Should I stay or go? Hire a coach or do-it-myself?
* Buy this house or rent awhile longer?
* Accept this job offer or continue searching?
* Ask for a raise or be glad I have a job?

Take charge of your life, When we feel trapped and helpless, it's easy to be pulled in a number of different directions. Intuition is the single most effective way to claim your own power.

Get back on speaking terms with your intuition. When you're feeling overwhelmed, your intuition goes quiet. You can open a new dialogue if you know how.

Become a do-it-yourself intuitive. You don't need a psychic. You need this book!

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