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Cathy's Relocation Book: Making the Big Move

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More about Silver City, New Mexico, where I used tolive and work.


Calling anyone who's moving around the block or around the world:

Coaching for Relocation

Moving for a new job?

Moving without a job?

Career + Move challenge?

Moving to retirement?

Sabbatical or Return to School?

I provide one-to-one consultations for mid-career professionals and business owners. My clients tend to be smart, motivated achievers who want to explore new career, business and relocation options.

I can provide guidance with all aspects of relocation: moving for a job, moving to retire, moving because you love a destination and want to fill a dream, and moving because...well, just because!

No ethical coach or consultant can promise to save you money -- but clients often find that they make better decisions and save considerable amounts of time.

Not moving? I also offer career and business coaching/consulting.

What you can expect from me:

  • Creative, insightful questions

  • New ways to frame your decision

  • An understanding of the way career and relocation decisions blend together
  • Empathy with your experiences

  • Familiarity with most parts of the US -- and other parts of the world, as well as the expatriate experience

  • Insights based on my own published research, first-hand experience and work with dozens of relocation clients

Ready to start? You can hire me by the hour or the program. Learn more about my options and fees.

"Cathy offered expert guidance with my career exit and reentry strategy as my husband and I planned a two-year sabbatical." -- Barbara Clark, Baton Rouge, LA

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